Micro rings are one of the smallest and most subtle hair extension techniques on the market today. This method is free from glue, heat and potentially damaging chemicals which can ultimately endanger the health of the natural hair.

Micro rings installation and removal is one of the most straight forward extension systems available. The bonds are small, flat and come in a variety of colours, thus blending in with the natural hair colour for a flawless finish. Micro rings are ultimately tiny rings which securely ‘clamp’ the extensions in the hair, and will stay put even through the most physical of activities.

Micro ring extensions will last approx 3-5 months in the hair before needing to be removed, re-installed or re-positioned.

For further information on Micro ring hair extensions, please contact our Edinburgh salon for a free no-obligation consultation. During this consultation you will be taken through the process in detail, you will be shown the various types of hair we work with, and you will be advised of necessary aftercare and products.